Social Media & Prayer Requests

I found out that my dad has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

On Facebook.

Even though my family is in Texas, and I am in Tennessee, we still try to talk regularly. I admit, there’s always room for improvement. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t deadly or anything, so I am not worried for my dad’s life.

It worries me that today we have so many forms of communication like email, texting, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype, but the quality of communication has declined. Because of social media, we can know everything about our friends back home without ever having to call them. In the same way, we can learn a lot about others without ever meeting them. When I first met Johnathan Acuff, I was so nervous because I read his book Stuff Christians Like, followed him on Twitter, and read his blog everyday. In my mind, I compared it to meeting a young Max Lucado. Turns out, he’s actually a pretty cool guy.

The cool part about finding out from Facebook about my dad’s Carpal Tunnel was that I could also see the outpouring of encouragement that he received from his friends. Beneath his status updates, there were about 15 comments from friends lifting him up in prayer and teasing him for getting old. It was neat to read some of the messages from people in my dad’s church community that genuinely cared about him.

The thing that worries me is that some have completely replaced their interpersonal relationships with friends with social media outlets. And we wonder why it’s so hard to talk face-to-face with people.

When was the last time you actually talked on the phone to a close friend or family member?


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