Where did we go wrong? Halloween used to be about celebrating the harvest and warding off the evil spirits that returned from the afterlife. Now, it’s all about candy, dressing up like Snooki, carving pumpkins, and more candy. Gone are the days of ancient Celtic rituals and traditions. Those have been replaced by saturated fats and starches. I say that because our small group had a pot luck dinner last night. Everything was a shade of brown or yellow.

Let’s be real, though. Halloween is another holiday that has fallen prey to the evils of commercialization and capitalism. We all know that Valentine’s Day is a conspiracy set in motion by the chocolate lobbyists. Cinco de Mayo isn’t even a celebration of Mexican independence. Despite popular opinion, it is simply in honor of the Mexican victory at the Battle of Pueblo. Don’t even get me started on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s no time.

I don’t think celebrating Halloween is evil, but it’s funny how some churches try to be hip and holy at the same time. A local church is having a “Holy-ween” festival. Instead of dressing up like ghosts and demons, children are encouraged to dress like their favorite Minor Prophet from the Old Testament. That last part isn’t true, but the “Holy-ween” part is legit. I love candy as much as the next guy, but is that what this holiday is all about?

It makes me think about Christmas, though. Obviously, Jesus was not born on December 25. This day was set up as a memorial day to him, but how did it lose that significance. Candy canes, presents, Christmas trees? Next thing you know, we’ll rejoice in the Resurrection by hiding colored eggs in the bushes.

What happens when we lose sight of something’s meaning? Does is lose value, create value, or a little of both?


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