Unmet Expectations

The New Jersey Nets finished the 2009-2010 NBA season with a record of 12-70.  After making it to the BCS Championship last year, University of Texas Longhorns find themselves with 4-5 record and a 2-4 record against Big 12 rivals.  Of his 14 seasons as coach of the Longhorns, this is guaranteed to be Mac Brown’s worst record.  The Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team,” are currently 1-7.  The Buffalo Bills are the only team in the NFL with a worse record.

According to Cris Collinsworth, NBC’s color commentator for Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys needed to show their true character and courage against the Green Bay Packers last night.  I think that’s what most people say when a team is playing terrible.  It’s almost like saying, “It’s better to slowly limp across the finish line so no one has to drag your body the last 2 miles of a marathon.”  Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost 45-7.

When we ask God for patience, He puts us in a situation where we need a lot of patience.  I think this is a similar situation for the Cowboys.

It is interesting, though, that when times are terrible, rather than seeing a turnaround, people just want to see your character – how you’re dealing with it.  Before you throw in the towel, we want to see you fight until the end.  Unfortunately, for Appolo Creed in Rocky IV, he got killed by Ivan Drago doing that (Spoiler Alert!).  However, we do have a lot to learn from people who keep fighting in the midst of mounting opposition and failure.

In his book Quiet Strength, Tony Dungy writes, “Things will go wrong at times.  You can’t always control circumstances.  However you can always control your attitude, approach, and response.  Your options are to complain or to look ahead and figure out how to make the situation better.”  Things won’t always go the way he had hoped.  Can you keep going?

I think this is why the nation was so excited for the Texas Rangers.  Historically, the Rangers have never been an A-list baseball club.  The past few seasons have been full of unmet expectations.  They start the season with a lot of heat, and then by September, they find themselves coasting into a cold finish.  This year was different.  They went all the way to the World Series, and it was exciting to watch.

If you’re not content with your current circumstances because you have not met your expectations, what are you doing to make it happen?  Are you going to coast to the finish and get ready for next season, or will you fight now while you can?


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