If you have struggles with faith, don’t get on a plane. Through sixteen years of education, I learned about the physics and mechanics that make flying possible, but logic points another direction. A huge metal tube with wings is not meant to travel hundreds of miles at 33,000 feet above the ground.

There I sit, 30 feet away from two pilots who control my destiny while a flight attendant offers me a bag of pretzels and a Sprite. I have no control. I sit and hope this pilot was a good student in flight school. I hope we don’t hit turbulence. I hope we land smoothly.

It takes a lot of faith to give up control. Obviously, I have no flight experience as a pilot, so it would be foolish to expect that I should take over the controls in the cockpit. However, everyday, I wrestle with this issue.

When we give up control, we find an intense feeling of vulnerability. We act like it’s a bad thing to surrender control, when in reality, we have a much better chance of reaching our destination with an expert at the controls.

Having faith usually starts by recognizing that we’re not experts – we don’t have all the answers. The process then continues by following the one who in an expert.


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  1. Great analogy of faith! Ultimately, we are not in control but when we do surrender and live by faith “Let Go and Let God”, sit back and enjoy the ride. With faith,hope will lead me to my final destination, Heaven.

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