“Falling on my knees in worship, giving all I am to seek Your face. Lord, all I have is yours. My whole life I’ve placed in your hands. God of mercy, humbled I bow down in your presence at your thrown.”

These words from Hillsong United’s song “Came to My Rescue” make up the theme for this season of my life. As followers of Christ, we often find ourselves overcome with things that are of little significance. We know we must let go and trust that God is in control. We then empty ourselves, expecting God’s immediate change in our lives, but we are often faced with an opportunity to strengthen our faith.

We wait.

That’s the hard part. We pour out our hearts in worship to God. We give Him our lives, and we praise Him for His love.

And we wait.

At church one time, during a prayer, the preacher told us to hold our hands out in front of our bodies with our palms facing the ground. He started the prayer by praising God and thanking Him for his blessings. Then he said, “With our hands out, we let go of what’s holding us back. We empty our hearts of the things that are separating us from you.”

Then the preacher instructed us to turn our hands over so that our palms faced the sky, as if to catch something. He went on, “Now fill our hearts. Pour out your blessing upon us.”

It was probably the cheesiest thing that I’ve ever done in church, but it changed my heart in so many ways.

We empty ourselves to be filled by God, and then we wait. That is when our faith is developed and strengthened.

What tanks in your lives need to be emptied? How can your faith grow by waiting for God to fill those tanks up with His presence?


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