“Life’s a fight of wrong and right that’s tearing me apart. Oh, but what the cross has done. Yeah, the world will try to battle for my heart, but the war is already won.” -Chris August, “Battle”

Considering the majority of the people that I go to church with are (look like) musicians, they do a great job of picking songs that are relevant to the subject of the sermon. Typically, the songs before the sermon begin to frame the theme, but the song after the sermon usually hits the ball out of the park. I refer to this song as the “theme song,” but I recently found out that those walking in the hip circles call this song the “special.”

On that note, the above lyric was a part of the theme song last Sunday, where Pete introduced the new series discussing spiritual warfare. That’s right, spiritual warfare. The war in the spiritual realms. Angels vs. demons in a cage match over your heart.

At face value, a lot of believers have dismissed the presence of supernatural powers. Pete even said that approximately 65% of evangelical Christians do not believe in the devil anymore. Well, if we believe the Bible to be true, then we are grossly off course and ignorant of what’s actually going on around us.

One thing that stood out to me the most was that in the midst of this spiritual warfare, Jesus’ death on the cross has already won the battle for us (there’s the tie-in to the theme song…boom).

As my wife and I discussed this subject during lunch Monday at Chick-fil-A, which is a place shielded from any potential demonic forces, I figured it’s about time to revive this blog.

What are your thoughts about spiritual warfare?

Do you think that a supernatural forces like angels and demons are at work today like they were in the Bible?


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  1. This topic was one of the things that changed my outlook on my own spirituality. Once I dove in to some of the verses about the evil forces, “Satan” trying to prove God wrong, and some about the angels battling with the evil. It made me think about a) that I must be “worth” something if their is a battle going on, and b) that what am I doing to aide in this battle. I think this is a part of our faith that would make us sound the most crazy to non-believers. But I have felt “darkness” or “evil” before when I was in Germany on a mission trip, my prayers seemed to get swallowed up into some unknown. That is the moment I knew there must be something more to this angels & demons thing than I ever thought before.
    Also a great book that illustrates this topic really well is C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters!

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