TIA Friday: Baby Ana

I’ve been on a love does kick for a while now. As my friend John Mayer says it, love is a verb. The idea is so simple but so true. Love is an action. Love does things. It shows people Jesus. Love doesn’t just talk about it. It doesn’t just blog about it. It doesn’t just think about it. It doesn’t just pray about it. Love does.

There is something called Know Think Act (KTA) that we came back from Uganda really excited about. I like to think about KTA as the connection piece between Bringing Hope to the Family (the organization we worked with in Uganda), Uganda and everywhere else. The idea is pretty simple. A need arises in Uganda. That need is put on the Know Think Act website. People give towards that need until it is fulfilled. Once it is fulfilled it can happen in Uganda and change lives. To me, Know Think Act is the love does piece of the organization. You see a need and do something about it. Simple enough, right?

My sweet baby Ana is almost a year old. Last November, a local hospital contacted the Bringing Hope orphanage. A baby had been born a few days prior and the mom had not survived the childbirth. The father was unknown and the mother had no other family. The hospital knew of the work that was being done by Bringing Hope to the Family and asked if they would take the baby in. The orphanage was not equipped at the time to care for newborns but they took in baby Ana without hesitation. The orphanage took in Ana but had no baby formula for her. They contacted Know Think Act and baby formula was immediately put up on the website. Within 4 hours, baby Ana had enough formula to last her 5 months. She is now healthy, growing, wanting to crawl, and ready for us to adopt her… kidding, sort of.  Ana’s life is now full of hope all because love does.

Love is what drives Know Think Act. Without love it wouldn’t exist or be doing anything. But because love does exist and love does things, Jesus is all over Uganda. The lives of my friends are eternally being changed because that’s what love does. Love changes the lives of people like baby Ana. Love gives hope to the hopeless orphans. Love shows people Jesus through something as simple as baby formula. Love does these things because love is a verb.


We would love for you to check out the Know Think Act website, here. Look around, learn more about it, and see some of the current needs in Uganda. You can find us on there, too and see what projects we’re working on. Our action group is called “This is Africa in America” and you can check it out here. Thank you to those who have given to our Christmas shoes project, those who are talking about KTA, and those who are asking questions. You are changing lives whether you know it or not. Thank you for proving that love really is a verb.


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