Christmas Meal Project

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you know that my wife and I have been posting several updates about our recent trip to Uganda.  In addition to stories, we have also given some ways that you can get involved and share in our excitement.

Many of you participated in helping us raise $800 for the Christmas Shoes project with Know Think Act, and I am excited to tell you that all the money was raised within just a couple of weeks.  Because of your generosity, more than 50 children living in Kaihura, Uganda, will receive a brand new pair of shoes this Christmas.  

Throughout this fundraising process, several of you emailed me asking for ways that you could help.  Some of you were so excited about buying shoes for the children at Home Again Children’s Home that you told many of your friends, co-workers, or students about it.  Now that the need has been fulfilled, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, what do I do now?  I haven’t done anything yet.”

Here is another opportunity to help: The Christmas Meal Project.  There are about 90 children living at Home Again, and you have the chance to provide them with an awesome Christmas dinner.

As you and your family gather around the table to enjoy your Christmas dinner, it will warm your heart to think about the kids in Kaihura who are getting to enjoy an extra-special, super-delicious meal because of your generosity.  Not only will you be providing these children with a great meal, you will indirectly be helping the vendors and farmers who make, grow, and raise that food, too.


Share this idea with your family and friends.  Share in the excitement.  It’s never too early to get excited about Christmas.  To learn about other needs in Uganda and Kenya, check out Know Think Act‘s website  to browse through other needs.


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