Fundraiser for Our Ugandan Friends

Calling all people who like ice cream and cute African children!!
Dustin and I went to Uganda this summer. Duh. We came back pumped about a thing called Know Think Act which links needs in Uganda to people who can help fulfill those needs. We have been working on the Christmas projects for our sweet little friends at the orphanage. So far, because of you crazy people, these kids will get a fantastic Christmas meal and brand new shoes. The last Christmas project is for new clothes for each child. This is the one time a year where they will get to pick out their very own brand new outfit(s). How fun.
Sweet Cece’s in Green Hills has agreed to host a fundraiser for the Christmas clothes project next Thursday, October 18th, all day. 20% of all purchases will go towards our project and because Know Think Act is so awesome, 100% of that 20% will go straight to buying clothes. You must have a ticket for this event. If you would like to come, click here to print off the ticket you need. You have to present this ticket at the time of your purchase for it to go towards our project. Your ticket will then be validated for a free cup at your next visit.
Let’s recap:
What: Fundraiser for Global Support Mission that will help our friends at the orphanage get their new clothes for Christmas
When: Thursday, October 18
Where: Sweet Cece’s in Green Hills, 4031 Hillsboro Pike Nashville
What do I need to bring: Bring this ticket!
Our friend Chris Carpenter will be playing some tunes that evening as well. So come hang out, eat some ice cream, listen to great music, and help kids in Uganda all at the same time. Could we kill any more birds with one stone!? I think not. We would love for as many people to come as possible. So pass this along to family, friends, coworkers, random strangers, etc. Dustin and I will be there from 6-10, so come say hi! Or come earlier and don’t. It’s all good.
Are you a non- Nashvillian and want to get involved? Here are a few ways you could help…
1. A cup of ice cream at Sweet Cece’s cost me about $3 and Dustin about $5 (fat kid. KIDDING.) You can go to our page at Know Think Act and donate $3-$5 or get your calculator out and donate 20% of that. I failed math multiple times, so I will not be able to help you with that.
2. If you know people in Nashville or people who are down with helping people in Uganda, pass this info along to them.
3. Pray. Pray that people will show up and money will be raised. Pray for our little friends across the world in Uganda. Pray that in all of this only God will get the credit.
Thanks for being a part of our Uganda story. Thanks for being willing to help kids you don’t even know. Thanks for being Jesus. Who knew being Jesus could look as simple as eating some ice cream? As my friend, Bob Goff said over the weekend, “Love God. Love people. Do stuff.” Come do stuff with us.

We hope to see those of you in Nashville next Thursday!!


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