2012 in Review

We’ve decided to change things up on the blog a little bit. It’s a new year. Anything goes.

We joke a lot about how much we have hated this past year. If we’re being honest, those haven’t been jokes. If you thought we were joking you either don’t know us very well or we have poor joke delivery skills. We have literally hated this year. I have never been one for eating black eyed peas on New Year’s day but yesterday we ate a ton of them.

2012 was a hard year. It was a weird one. We felt called to do stuff that didn’t make sense. I cried a lot this year. We fought a lot. It was an uncomfortable year. A year of financial and job insecurity. It was a year of hard conversations. A year where we had to do stuff we didn’t want to. It was a year I probably would not ever want to live again.

2012 was also a year of adventure. A year of crazy stories. It was a year of great trips. A year where we experienced God in straight up awesome ways. It was a year full of community. It was a year where I felt so blessed by family. A year where I have never been more thankful for the friends that we have. It was a year that has changed us forever.

On that note, here is my year in review and things I have learned from my not so favorite year.

1. When you have to eat pasta every night, buy it in different shapes. You kind of feel like you’re eating something different. Kind of not, though.

2. It’s okay if you have to sell your TV and Xbox.

3. Going to New York City, Washington DC, London, and Uganda is a legit travel year.

4. When you’re living with your parents and you get the opportunity to house sit? Take it. Every time.

5. Only talk about finances in public. You can’t yell or ugly cry. Well, you can but that’s embarrassing. (Thanks for this one Buzards.)

6. If you go 3 weeks without washing your hair it will start to fall out.

7. The Beatles were right. You really can get by with a little help from your friends. I’m assuming you can also get high with a little help from your friends. I wouldn’t know about that one.

8. If you cry all the time your husband will not want to hang out with you.

9. When life doesn’t go the way you had hoped, you can either pout or get over it. I’ve tried both. I recommend the latter.

10. When God calls you towards an adventure, go. Or he’ll send someone else instead. That would stink.

Here’s to lessons learned in 2012 and a hopeful 2013!




  1. Wisdom – comes through different experiences in different ways with different people – crazy – but I believe I would describe you as a wise “old” woman – Aunt Beth

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