Acts and the Letters to the Romans

I hope you sung the title of this blog post. If not, I’m going to need you to go back and sing it.

We’re reading through the book of Acts with our small group right now and it’s officially kicking my butt. I’ve got the word bold on my mind this morning and I can’t shake it. It’s defined as, “fearless before danger, a daring spirit, or standing out prominently.” It’s a word that is used in Acts and describes so perfectly the first church and the twelve disciples. It’s a word when used in terms of faith conveys so much conviction and courage.

I have a hard time with the Bible sometimes. I live in a place where I have never been persecuted for my beliefs. No one I know has ever been killed because they believe in Jesus. I do not have to risk my life daily or ever to spread the news of the gospel. I have never been told to deny Christ or ______ will happen. I’ve never been told to deny Christ at all. I have never been questioned for believing in Jesus. I do not have to be bold or courageous ever in this way for my faith.

Now, I know that being bold in our faith does not have to equal being physically persecuted. However, when I think of living for Jesus with a “daring spirit” or “standing out prominently” all for the sake of the story of the gospel; I tend to go down the persecution road. I now you don’t have to be a martyr in order to live recklessly for Jesus. I know that living “fearless before danger” doesn’t only mean that I sell everything I own, move to the most dangerous third world country, and literally risk it all for the name of Jesus.

But then what does it look like?

What does being bold in our faith look like in America?

What does it look like when unfortunately money is important, we have to pay our bills, I have to have a car to get to and from work, we have to have jobs, and we have to look presentable at said jobs?

What does it look like when we live in a country that makes it so easy to feel content and entitled?

What does it look like when we are so far removed from risking anything let alone our lives for our faith?

What does it look like to love Jesus radically, boldly, courageously, and with conviction?

That was the question of 2012 for Dustin and me. Here we are posing it again at the beginning of 2013… Cleary we still haven’t figured it out. What do you think?


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