Meet William

Let us tell you about our friend William.


We met William while we were in Uganda last summer. He is pretty fantastic. He was almost always hanging out with us, except when he was hanging out with the stupid Duke team. (That is actually a really funny joke but you literally had to be there. Sorry.) Bringing Hope to the Family has been supporting William for a few years now and we absolutely loved getting to know him. William is hilarious, made for a super card playing friend, and just plain nice. Dustin and William also killed chickens together. So that pretty much makes them macho bff’s for life.

chicken (2)dustin

My favorite William story is…One day we were taking mosquito nets to families out in the boonies of Uganda. The bota bota (motorcycle) drivers who were driving us around for the day had music playing. What is now one of my favorite songs ever came on the radio. It’s called African Queen by Two Face Idibia, you might need to look it up now. Anyways, me and one of the other girls fell in love with the song and begged William on a daily basis to download it for us. The last night we were in Uganda, all of us were playing cards and out of nowhere William busts out African Queen on his computer. It was seriously a fantastic moment. We made him play it on repeat until everyone wanted to kill us.


I digress.

Anyways, William is in college right now in Kampala studying journalism. Bringing Hope to the Family has been raising support through Know Think Act for William’s college tuition over the years. A need popped up on Know Think Act recently for this semesters tuition and we knew we had to grab it. I sent him a Facebook message the other day asking him the following questions; telling him we wanted to help, get our friends to help too, and that we needed to let people know a little bit about him. So, here’s a little bit about William…

Why did you pick journalism to study?
William: I picked journalism because I was nosey, loved to write, and had an intense interest in everything and everyone around me. There is something magical- pardon the corniness- about witnessing something, documenting it, and sharing it with the world.

What do you want to do with journalism after college?
William: My passion is specializing in tv and radio.

What is your favorite thing about college?
William: Socializing and being exposed to different things.

Do you have a girlfriend?
William: No, still praying about it. (Ladies…..)

So, here’s the skinny. A semester of college costs $1,120. William needs $800. Who wants to help us!?



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