Disclaimer: This post is not about tattoos. Well, it is but it isn’t. I realize loving Jesus and having a tattoo can be a controversial topic. One that I do not wish to engage in. I care about your stance on tattoos as much as I care about what you’re having for dinner tonight. Which is zero. I care zero about what you’re having for dinner. Unless you’re having hot chicken, then let’s talk.

I like tattoos. I know you were probably not expecting that sentence right after my defensive rant above but I do. I like them primarily because they tell stories. Some are awesome stories about Jesus, people’s hearts or what they’ve been through. Some are a little awkward because they’re about a poor decision in college. SSSome are even more awkward because we technically aren’t even supposed to talk about them but we know they’re there. What? I don’t know. Regardless, tattoos tell a story and that’s why I like them.

So, let me tell you mine…

A year and a half ago, Jesus started doing work on my heart. I started to question this Christian life we were living. I began to question what it really looks like to be a follower of Jesus. I started examining my heart and my actions. I started asking myself if I really say I believe in Jesus, does my life show that I do? I asked a thousand times what does it look like to live for Jesus today? We read Radical and Love Does. We circled our apartment complex thousands of times walking and processing these books, thoughts, and questions. We sat on friends porches and talked it out. We prayed constantly for God to show us what the heck he was up to. We talked missions, adoption, serving, the “least of these”, and saying “yes” to Jesus and life with Him. We talked circles around saying “yes” to things he places on our hearts, even when they make no sense.

Over the last year and a half we’ve chosen to say “yes” to a lot of things God has put in front of us. A lot of times I said “yes” kicking and screaming. Sometimes I wanted to change my “yes” to a “no” half way through. More than once my “yes” has looked more like an “Ugh. Okay, FINE.” But regardless we ended up saying “yes” and I’m so thankful. It’s been a crazy adventure but I think life with Jesus is supposed to be a crazy adventure. That’s what makes it radical.

On Monday we officially said “yes” to something I pray to be blogging about sometime soon. I’m terrified. I’m so excited. So it was beyond perfect that I had a tattoo appointment for Monday night. I’m convinced it was a divine appointment that night Dustin and I were with 2 dear friends who have been with us since we started this journey. I consider it perfect to have gotten the word “yes” tattooed on my wrist that day. I consider it perfect those people were with me. It’s been our prayer for a year and a half and I pray it will continue to be our prayer for the rest of our lives.





  1. Obsessssed with this blog post. Can’t wait to find out what you’ve said yes to! So thankful for your transparency and the example you’re setting of seeking Truth where the world has made things muddy.

  2. Love this. Interestingly enough, I’ve been considering getting the exact same thing for awhile now. I’ve had a series of experiences over the past year that’s have, and continue to be, my “yes”. It is a recurring theme that is shaping a lot for me and that I want to continue to shape a lot for me. Thanks for sharing this.

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