Christians, Recycling, and Showering

For a while now, Dustin and I have been throwing around the phrase, “living simply.” What does that mean? I have no clue but it sounds Godly and hippie-ish… so, OBVIOUSLY we should say it. Duh.

Since we don’t know what it means we tend to just drop it whenever it’s convenient for us.

Let me give you some examples:

For a while Dustin wanted a TV. I hate TV. (No we don’t have one. WHAT!?) My response whenever he brought it up was, “Come on. I thought we were trying to live simply.” His reply was always, “But so and so has a TV AND cable and they are living simply.”

Dustin: “I’m going to go golf this weekend.”
Courtney: “Oh so we’re just not even trying to live simply anymore!? What gives??”

Courtney:”I bought some new clothes today.”
Dustin: “Seriously. I thought we were living simply?”

I mean whatever. We should probably be in counseling.

So, back to “living simply.” A while ago I read Serve God Save The Planet by Matthew Sleeth. Holy cow, y’all. I think I’m a democrat. It was awesome.

It’s all about being a Christian and our job to care about the environment and the world. He talks electricity, food purchases, parenting, consumerism, environment, materialism, how what we do in America really does affect others around the world, stewardship, and relationship with God. There’s no politics just straight up facts and Jesus. I can’t even begin to do this book justice. You just need to read it.

After I read and processed the book, I started acting crazy. I became anal about turning off lights and unplugging things that were not in use. I literally reprimanded a co worker for not recycling. I started asking places I buy from where their products come from and if they’re fair trade. Dustin mocked me. I would retaliate. I’ve already said we need to be in counseling.

Dustin is trekking through the book now. I knew I had won when a few weeks ago I found Dustin showering in the dark and only turning the water on when it was time to rinse off. His reply when I asked what he was doing was, “We got our water bill in the mail today. We used 3,000 gallons of water this month! And I’m trying to save electricity.” Boooyah.

All that to say, I think we’re finally actually taking steps toward “living simply.” We are:

Turning off lights when we are not in the room
Unplugging things that are not in use
Taking shorter showers
Composting (which is SO easy and awesome)
Buying fair trade
Not buying stuff we don’t need
Not getting a TV
Started a sad attempt at a garden
Thinking about rigging a clothes line in our backyard

All in all this book has changed the way we view the world. It’s changed the way we view being a Christian. It’s changed who we think our neighbor is. It’s changed the way we throw down the phrase, “living simply.”

Let’s talk. What does living simply mean? Is living simply a responsibility for Christians? How are you living simply?



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