Adoption Puzzle Update, Y’all.


The amount that we have raised so far in the adoption puzzle fundraiser. Holy cow, y’all. So, as of last night we have our USCIS fee PAID FOR!! It looks like this now(!!!):

Application Fee: $250.00 (PAID)

Home Study: $1,775.00 (PAID)

USCIS Fee: $890.00 (PAID As of 7/4!!!)

Acceptance into Program: $3,500.00

Home Study Completion: $3,500.00

Dossier Completion: $3,500.00

Travel Approval: $3,250.00

For a total of: $16,665.

The first 46 puzzle pieces are gone. THANK YOU to the sweet friends, family, and COMPLETE STRANGERS (WHAT!!?) that have purchased some. We are humbled and excited to have you be a part of this story. You guys have shown us Jesus this week and we are grateful.

Do I think we can sell the 504 remaining puzzle pieces? Yes… And no. I don’t know. Every day since we bought this puzzle I’ve had moments of doubt. We have to sell 550 pieces!? No way is that going to happen. There is just no freaking way. When I was at Target trying to find a puzzle the options were 300, 550, or 1,000 piece puzzles. Literally my thought process was, I believe in Jesus more than 300 pieces and not enough for 1,000 pieces… so, I guess 550 it is. My faith is so weak sometimes. Isn’t Jesus bigger than a 550 piece puzzle? Isn’t he bigger than $11,000? YES and YES.

Lately the thought, “for such a time as this” has overcome me in my moments of doubt and anxiety. I truly believe Dustin and I have been prepared for such a time as this. Living faithfully is hard. Following the call Jesus has placed on your heart does not always make sense. It’s not always fun. It’s never been comfortable. People don’t always get it.

But, living faithfully prepares you. For such a time as this.

I’ve been reflecting this week on the past year and a half. I remember one month we didn’t know how we were going to pay our rent. The day before we were supposed to submit our rent payment, a check for our exact rent amount showed up in our mailbox. Or the months leading up to Africa when we didn’t have money for groceries and friends dropped Kroger gift cards off or my mom would load us up with left overs after they would have us over for dinner. Or the times friends would have us over for a meal and say that blessed sentence, “you don’t need to bring anything.” Or the time we had a huge payment due for Uganda and literally didn’t have it and the night before it was due the exact amount came in. Or the time we sat and waited for months for Dustin to get a job. Or all the times we’ve had to be humbled and ask for help.

We’ve been prepared for this. We’ve been prepared to wait. We’ve been prepared to wait FAITHFULLY. We’ve been prepared to ask for help. We’ve been prepared to sit humbly and watch in awe as Jesus shows up. We’ve been prepared to watch as our timing never wins. We’ve been prepared to wait for God’s timing. We’ve been prepared; for such a time as this.

There are still puzzle pieces available. $20 per piece. Buy 1 or 50. It’s whatever. 🙂 You can click here to purchase a puzzle piece(s) on PayPal or you can email me ( for our address to send a check via mail.


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