The First 100 Puzzle Pieces

For those of you just joining us, you are in for a real treat!  Here’s a quick recap:

1) Courtney and I have started the process to adopt a child from Uganda.

2) We have invited friends, family, and total strangers to join with us on this adventure through our Puzzle Piece Fundraiser.

3) Donations have been flying in from all over the country, and the first 100 puzzle pieces are gone!

As we progress through this adoption process, there are several checkpoints that we will come to, and the only way to keep moving is by writing a check ($$$), so we are truly grateful and humbled by the support that we have received from friends, family, and people we have never met.

When Courtney and I decided to start this process, we knew it would be costly.  Once we applied with our agency, we learned exactly how costly it would be.  At first, I thought, “We could save up the money ourselves,” because the idea of asking for money makes me anxious.  Then after meeting with a few families who had adopted children internationally and hearing stories of families who had been down this road before, I soon learned that fundraising would be in the cards for us.  We learned that people want to help.  People want to share in this joy.

So we blogged about it…and people responded.  People donated.  I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of receiving that first email from PayPal showing that we received our first donation.  One of my college friends purchased two puzzle pieces for $40.  This was getting real.  Then people started sharing our blog on Facebook and Twitter, and people sent messages saying, “Saw your blog post on ___________’s good luck and God Bless.”  How awesome is that!

I told Courtney that I would send an update once we sold 100 puzzle pieces, thinking that would be sometime in the future…

As of today, we have sold 136 puzzle pieces!!! Thank you so much to all of you who have helped us so far.  This is so exciting!

There are still 414 puzzle pieces remaining.  If you would like your name on a puzzle piece, here is a link to donate to our adoption fund on PayPal.  You can get one puzzle piece for $20, or you can donate to get as many as you want.  If you have any questions or would like to send us a check, you can email, and we will send you our info.


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