Mumford, Puzzles, Santa, and Tears

About a month ago, we finished our adoption puzzle fundraiser. In just 6 weeks we sold 550 puzzle pieces and raised $11,267.30. Words cannot express how thankful we are to the people who chose to get in on this story. We are so humbled and honored that you would support us in this way and walk beside us in this journey. Seriously.

We sat down a couple of weeks ago to put the puzzle together. Y’all, let me just tell you that we went to dark places putting this puzzle together. We had originally gotten a puzzle that had dalmations on it. Cute, right? No. All 550 pieces were a shade of red, white, and black. It was impossible. We tried for days and hours to put this stupid thing together. I cannot even tell you some of the things we said to this puzzle. I certainly can’t even tell you what we said when we realized we were missing.a.puzzle.piece… that I recently found in the front yard. Whyyy? So, after hours and hours and days and days, we called it quits, went to Walmart, bought a Santa puzzle and put it together in a couple of hours. Thank you Lord for 10 year old Santa puzzles, Amen. I painted the cardboard side of the puzzle white and wrote all of your names on puzzle pieces.

Can I just tell you that I was a hot mess writing your names all over this puzzle? It didn’t help that I was listening to Mumford and Sons. It most certainly didn’t help when  “I Will Wait” played multiple times. The glass of wine and the fact I was already tired didn’t help either. But there were moments where I was literally dropping tears onto this puzzle. Couldn’t even deal.


Y’all. THIS PUZZLE IS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. There is so much love on this puzzle. Dustin and I both get choked up looking at it. I get chills thinking about it. Our hearts are so full thinking about what God + you guys did. It’s just crazy.

So, thank you. Thank you for joining in on this story of ours. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for caring about this journey we’re on. Thank you for loving us and our future child so well. We will forever be grateful.


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