Spontaneous Thursday

Spontaneity is my love language. It kills a little piece of my soul every time someone breaks out their calendar. Angels lose wings when a pros and cons list is made. The phrase “shopping around” takes me to dark places. Just buy the $&@! thing. Dustin calls it emotional and rash, I say it’s freedom. Whatever, man.

Spontaneity is Dustin’s fifth level of hell. He is a thinker, a planner, and rational to his core. Dustin’s hands get sweaty at the phrase, “let’s just wing it.” To Dustin, the answer to WWJD? is create a pros and cons list. Every time. Opposites attract, y’all. For real.

Over the summer we came up with something genius. We call it “spontaneous Thursday.” Every Thursday Dustin gets to plan a spontaneous activity for the evening. See what we did there? Planned spontaneity. Brilliant. Just plain brilliant I tell you.

The rules are as follows:
1. Dustin plans it
2. I am not allowed in the decision making process
3. I am not allowed to change the activity
4. We aren’t allowed to talk about it until Thursday afternoon

We’ve done happy hours, new restaurants, movies, ice cream, favorite restaurants, community events, and concerts. It’s simple. It’s so fun. Thursdays are my favorite.

Spontaneous Thursday makes me want to high five a million angels. It’s how we’re keeping it fresh and we’re giving it to you today fo’ free. Pound it.


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