Twins + Shipping + EVERYONE

It’s time for an adoption update up in here.

In case you forgot, I work with middle schoolers. Some days I like to pretend someone forced me into this job and I did not choose it on my own. Other days, I love every minute of it. I told my students that we are adopting and they just could not be more thrilled about this news. It is quite hilarious. It’s hard to explain adoption to grown adults, so I’ve had to get very creative in how I explain it to 12 year olds. They don’t really get it and it makes for some hysterical conversations. I’d just like to take a moment to share a few of those said conversations with you. Please keep in mind, this is my life. Every. Single. Day. Please also read these with as much drama and exaggeration as possible. This is middle school, remember?

Student: “You’re adopting twins!!?? And you didn’t tell me?!”
Me: “What? No. Why are you asking me this?”
Student: “EVERYONE is talking about it, Mrs. Courtney. EVERYONE.”

7th grader #1: “Why is adoption so expensive? Is it like for shipping?”
7th grader #2: “What!? No! They can’t ship it! What if it’s a BABY!?”

Students: “Mrs. Courtney, have you gotten your baby yet?”
Me: “Haha. No not yet.”
Students: “Ugh!! Why is this taking so long??!”
Repeat this conversation multiple times a day

Students: ” Mrs. Courtney! We told our class today you were adopting from Africa!”
Me: “What were y’all talking about that brought that up?”
Students: “Uhh. We weren’t talking about anything. We just told them.”


So, let’s talk what is happening in this adoption process of ours. So many of you kind people continue to ask how it’s going and more times than not we’ve got nothing for you. We’re sorry that’s lame but it’s all we got sometimes. So here is what’s been going on over the last few months: we ended up switching agencies and feel crazy good about that decision. With that came more paperwork, another application, and references but a much quicker timeline. Dustin’s company announced it was getting bought and his job security was up in the air; putting our home study on hold for quite some time. Dustin switched over to a new job and our home study finally got finalized. We sent in our forms to the US government to get approval to adopt internationally. We are currently waiting for the green light from them. We are also scrambling to get our dossier together- the ginormous packet we will send to Uganda for their approval as soon as we get approval from the US. So, things are moving and their moving much faster than we thought. This is happening, y’all.

Lots of people have asked what they can be praying for. So here are a few things:
-That we get approval from the US government.
-That we can collect every piece of the dossier without me developing ulcers.
-That we will get approval from Uganda.
-Continued prayers for our child. I’ve been praying a lot for a full tummy, good nights sleep, that they will spend their day laughing so hard and having fun with sweet little friends, and that their little heart can feel they are so loved.

We continue to be so thankful for the people God has placed in our lives. Thank you for continuing to love us well. We’ve got some exciting things to share in the next few weeks, so stay tuned… 🙂


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