It’s A Boy

Well, friends. The other week we got the email I knew would come at some point. Ya know, the one with our child’s face attached to it. The one that would ask us to pray over whether or not this was our child. The one that would tell us to let them know if we would like to accept or decline the referral. The one that would potentially make us parents.

I’m not sure what I thought reading that email would be like. My heart pounded when I saw the subject line in my inbox that read: “Official Referral.” I immediately sent Dustin an urgent message that read “CHECK YOUR EMAIL NOW.” My heart pounded as I read it. My eyes welled up as I looked at the pictures of this sweet child who could potentially be ours. My heart broke as I read their story. We knew immediately we would accept it. We didn’t even have to talk about it. We didn’t even have to pray about it. We did, though. We gave it a few days before we responded but we knew. We knew that God willing, this would be our child the minute we saw them.

We knew that telling our families and our friends would be fun but we didn’t know it would be this fun. It has been so fun to read emails and text messages full of excitement. It has been humbling to read the words of encouragement. It has been an honor to be prayed over and be told people will continue to pray over you and now this sweet child. We walk with good people, y’all. This last month has been a testament to that.

So, Dustin and I are officially so pumped to tell you that we have been matched with the sweetest little 3 year old boy… !!!!! We aren’t telling you his name but trust us his name is legit and we kind of want to keep it as is. We aren’t telling you his story because we are having to sift through which part of his story, if any, is ours to share. We aren’t showing you his picture but believe me when I say he is so stinking cute. Like, so cute I can barely handle it. All of this is to protect his right to privacy. We had to sign a waiver, so it’s for real. Even though we are officially moving forward to adopt him, anything can still happen. The timeline is still the same. We are waiting approval from the U.S. and will then send our stuff over to Uganda for their approval. So, we still have several months and two pending approvals before any talk of travel is on the table.

Keep praying, friends. Pray that the process continues to go smoothly and quickly. Pray that we will continue to have patience in the process and the waiting. Pray for this sweet sweet little boy. Pray that his little heart knows he is so loved by so many. Pray that God is preparing him to be our child. Pray that God will continue to prepare us to be his mom and dad. Pray that God willing, we will bring him home soon. This whole adoption thing is holy ground, y’all.



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