add ONE

I started working part time at a philanthropic retail store by our house about a year ago. It was post Africa and I was trying so hard to be a part of something that was changing the world. It was post Africa and I was trying to find a way to encourage others to be a part of world change without cramming it down their throats. It was during Dustin’s unemployed season so extra income was a necessity. Combine all three of those things and I ended up at 1907 Apparel.

I’m so thankful for this little store. 1907 Apparel was founded and is owned by Dawn and Michael Cornelius. They are some of the most humble, spirit filled people I’ve ever come in contact with. They love people so well. It has been a privilege to work for and with them. They are sweet friends who have encouraged us and loved us in ways they will never know. Dawn and I have already arranged the marriage of her middle daughter to my son. The only condition being that he cooks and does everything she says… no big deal, right? Needless to say I’m pretty excited that we will be related to them someday. 😉

1907 Apparel was founded on Dawn’s story and a year that changed her life forever. 1907 is a brand itself but it’s also a house to other brands and organizations who are living a bigger story. The majority of the brands are connected to a cause of some kind- adoption, human trafficking, mentoring underprivileged youth, feeding kids in third world countries, etc. Every month the store gives 7% of their profits to organizations connected to poverty, education, and agriculture. So, pretty much your dollar goes crazy far in this store no matter what you buy. It’s quite fantastic, I think.

Every few months it seems there is another campaign going on at the store that helps people and gives back. Did I mention they love people reeallyy well? Last February they sold shirts that helped a family adopt a sweet little girl from China. This fall they sold shirts that fed kids in Haiti. They are constantly looking for ways to love others both locally and globally.

Dustin and I are so honored to be a part of the next campaign that 1907 Apparel is doing. It’s called add ONE and we’re so pumped about it. Here’s the skinny:

add ONE is a line of products that are currently being sold in the store and online. There are tees, leather journals, water bottles, aprons, coffee tumblers, hats, and beanies. During the months of November and December, $5 from every add ONE product sold goes into a pot that will defray adoption expenses for not one, not two but THREE families who are in the process of adopting. Kevin and Sarah are adopting from China. Amy and Ben are adopting from Haiti. We are obviously adopting from Uganda. So, when you buy an add ONE product you will help bring three sweet kiddos home. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? They make it so easy to change the world. My goodness.

You can find add ONE products in store at 1006 Fatherland Street in Nashville or you can hop on over to their website and get you something there. Be forewarned that the hooded tee is the softest thing this side of heaven and you will never want to take it off. 🙂

Thanks for helping us bring little boy Koctar home. This journey has been anything short of humbling.



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