Santa vs Jesus

A few nights ago, Dustin and I were talking about deep theological world-changing stuff like, Santa Clause. I saw Santa once when I was a young tot. It was in the middle of the night on Christmas Day, I heard something downstairs, went to see what it was and lo and behold it was Santa. He saw me and said, “shhh.” After learning the dirty truth I did some serious investigating by shining lights in family member’s eyes and asking them intrusive questions about their whereabouts that night and if they owned a Santa costume. I learned nothing which leaves me just plain confused about Santa.  Like, deep down I know he isn’t real but at the same time I’m like, “Yeah, but I’ve seen him.” I mean, it’s whatever.

We were talking about what we were going to tell our kids about Christmas and Santa. Do we let our kids believe in Santa or no? How do we talk about Jesus and Santa? How do we make Jesus cooler than Santa? Because let’s be real, Santa trumps Jesus all day every day. Santa brings you real gifts and Jesus brings you the gift of eternal life. Womp. Womp. (omg I’m kidding but you know what I mean). If our kids don’t believe in Santa, how do we even do that without our kid making other kids cry with the truth and us getting on parent’s hit lists. We didn’t come to any solid conclusions. By the end of the conversation I was denouncing all things Christmas, including the NSYNC Christmas cd (which is blasphemy), and Dustin was defending Santa like they were precious friends and I had just said something super hateful. So we just dropped it and ordered another round of chips and salsa. Ole.

Last year we went rogue and didn’t celebrate Christmas. Well, we celebrated just not per usual. We did three things: served at a homeless ministry on Christmas night, bought nothing and gave financially. It was a good Christmas, if I do say so myself. Dustin and I recieved a black nutcracker and my family fought over where and what we were going to eat post-serving Christmas dinner to homeless people. But seriously, it was simple, refreshing and not about us.

This year we’ve decided to step back into the celebrating Christmas arena. We’re calling it an intentional Christmas and it looks like this:

1. Any gift we buy for anyone will be socially conscious.

2. Dustin and I will be exchanging 3 gifts on Christmas morning- something to wear, something to read, and something to use to bless someone else

*Dustin asked me the other night, “What are we doing again for Christmas gifts? Something borrowed, something blue..?” No. Just no.

3. I downloaded the Holy Bible app on my iphone (because I’m a heathen and didn’t already have it on there) and we’re going through an Advent daily devotional/scripture reading plan. We’re doing “Good News of Great Joy” by John Piper. You are welcome to join us at dinner any night between now and Christmas to discuss what we read that day.

This is how we’re choosing to celebrate Christmas this year. I won’t be surprised if I do indeed get something borrowed and something blue from my husband. So, basically I’ll just let y’all know how this whole intentional Christmas thing goes. Merry Christmas, y’all!



  1. Love your deep thoughts. Any suggestions for anything you might need…that the rest of your family might get you for Christmas? Have you registered at BabiesRus, yet? 🙂

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