Summer Reading

I love to read. Like, LOVE IT. To me heaven would be a Beauty And The Beast library of floor to ceiling books and a ladder that rolls around the room. FOR ETERNITY. Swoon. As a side note, hell to me would be hiccups, Target running shorts (the swishing sound when you walk, y’all), and cats. FOR ETERNITY.

I just digressed so fast. For the love. I love reading, I love talking about books, I love recommending books, and I love getting book recommendations. I just love all the things about books.

I’ve been binge reading this summer. I cannot stop. I made a summer reading list back in May and literally every single book I’ve read has been THE BEST BOOK EVER. So, I wanted to share. And I’m really hoping you’ll hook a girl up with some of your summer reading favs, because after reading Eleanor and Park and Gone Girl I’m like what’s the point of reading anymore!? No book will ever be as good as those. Ever. It’s pretty much the same feeling I felt after finishing Harry Potter. You remember that feeling?


My kids at school have been begging me to read this one all school year. Like, I was getting annoyed with their pleas. I caved. It was really good. Not at all what I was expecting, but really really good.


This book. My goodness. It’s written by a Buddhist. So definitely know that. This book and the practices in it have become so healing and so spiritual to me. So so good.


I was already having a love affair with the goat cheese, and then I read this book. I really loved everything about this book. The way she talks about life, loss, friendship, and food is so lovely. If you don’t invite friends over for dinner at least once while reading this book, I just don’t know what to say to you. And the recipes. I have made several and they are all to die for.

Holy cow, y’all. This book is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I had to put it down at the pool because I was laughing out loud like a total fool. It does have a lot of cussing, so if you are not into that (not that I’m like INTO cussing but whatever) you should not read this.

I’m reading this as a book study with some people this summer. I’m only half way done, but have underlined nearly every sentence in the book. This book is touching and challenging me on so many levels. Slow clap for Brene.


When I say I could not put this book down, I literally mean that. I would sit at my kitchen table for hours in the morning reading. It was one of those books where I thought I might physically die when I had to put it down. I literally gasped out loud during one part, felt such intense hatred for one character and the ending made my skin crawl. I was concerned about the hype, but this book really is that good. Hype deserved, in my opinion.


Ok, you guys. I think this book is my favorite of the summer. Cutest book ever. Like, melt me. I think I have a crush on Eleanor and Park. Perfection on so many levels.

What else y’all got? What are you favorites of the summer? And do not tell me The Fault In Our Stars. I read that book two years ago and I know that it’s good. And yes, I cried like a baby.


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