Mocha Club Giveaway!

I’m doing a giveaway today. I don’t really even know what that means, but I’m doing it and it’s going to be so lovely. I’m not cool enough, nor do I have a zillion followers, so people do not ask me to promote their things. They also don’t send me free stuff to give away to my “readers.” So don’t you even worry that this is headed that direction. It’s totally not. This is a “I got something cool from somewhere cool and I already owned the cool thing, so why not give it away to someone and let them have the cool thing” type of giveaway. It’s also Thursday, and people like getting free things on Thursdays, right? So, let’s do a giveaway, shall we?

If you haven’t heard of the Mocha Club, you should hear about them. They are doing some really cool work all over Africa. Seriously, all over… Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia. They focus on five project areas: clean water, education, economic freedom, healthcare, and orphan care. They ask you to join the club by giving up the cost of a few mochas a month and giving instead to one of those five projects. You pick a project area, join the club, and they give you free things. It’s so kind of them.

We joined the clean water club a while back. I have shared with you before about how spending time in Africa has made me a freaking weirdo. Clean water is one of my weirdo hot buttons. There are some things in life you can never unsee. Watching people lean down and gulp brown, infested, disgusting water is one of them. Watching people see and taste clean water for the first time in their lives is also one of them. And then there was this little boy, who my heart loves so much, sitting in my lap guzzling the water I would bring him because he was so thirsty. He was just thirsty. Don’t ask me to talk about that one in person. My eyes get red and watery and I just can’t. You cannot unsee those things, y’all. You just simply cannot. So, for nine whole dollars a month, we joined the club. Nine dollars. I cannot with how little that is. But it’s making a difference. People are getting themselves clean water and I’m giving up like, two coffees a month. And then sometimes I’m not giving up those coffees because NINE DOLLARS. We are so privileged. Can I say that?

When we joined the club, they sent me a free pocket tee. Lucky for you, I already own this said pocket tee. It’s one of my very favorites. It’s cute, comfortable, supports Africa, and comes from Africa. You are literally winning on all the levels in my book. Mocha Club partnered up with FashionABLE (again, if you haven’t heard of them you really should hear about them) with these tees. FashionABLE was created as a result of seeing firsthand in Ethiopia how extreme poverty forces young girls and women to make awful choices for money. Because they need to survive and eat and take care of their babies and all the things that we just don’t even have a clue about. Again with the privilege. FashionABLE was created as a business and it gives these good women jobs and hope and so many good things. The pocket is FashionABLE, the tee is Mocha Club. I already said you were winning with this one.

I have a tee and I want to give it to someone. Fine print is: it’s a small. Sorry that’s all they had left. So this is kind of an exclusive giveaway and I apologize for that. All I need you to do is comment that you want it. I’ll pick a winner on Friday. So just do it before then. You will love this tee. I promise.




  1. Put all of your names in a cup and the winner is… Lisa Flow! 😊

    Thanks for playing, y’all! Maybe I’ll get some more cool free things and we can do this again!

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